Dating mauser hsc

The origins of the mauser hsc pistol begin in the late 1930s the nazi party was in control, & the mauser 1934 was losing sales compared to walther pp.

1934 mauser naval issue pocket pistol discussion in 'the your mauser pistol is from the first nazi navy purchase, and. Could someone please verify the following serial number is indeed a police manufacture eagle l mauser hsc: 845806 thanks very much. The mauser firm stopped production of this pistol at the beginning of wwii and replaced it with the hsc model the photograph on the left is of the markings that are found on the right side of the slide of this pistol. Browse all new and used mauser pistols for sale and buy with confidence from guns international mauser hsc, nazi marked, 765,, (32acp), sn is 7582xx.

If you are searching for a ebook mauser hsc manual in pdf form [pdf] hypnotic guide for dating successpdf mauser hsc - forgotten weapons mauser hsc manual. A closer look at the post war mauser hsc pistols used in the comparison: #1: mauser hsc serial number 0001690 – 1968 #2: mauser hsc serial number 0019411 – 1977.

I have a mauser hsc with serial number 970544 can you help me to date this gun under, near the releasing button of magazine there is. It is a mauser-werke ag oberndorf an model 66 serial number g 158xx i have such as the mauser hsc need date of manufacture for a mauser model.

The mauser hsc (hahn-selbstspannerpistole modell c) replaced the outdated mauser 1934 there were some overlaps in production the serial numbers of the mauser 1934 was continued with the mauser hsc. The mauser hsc along with its rival the walther ppk mauser was all set to produce the hsc in 1938, however the military did not give them approval to go ahead. German police gun list dating back to the 20's it would be (another out of my price range), mauser 1914/34, walther pp and ppk, mauser hsc.

The mauser hsc is a military semi-automatic pistol full-auto versions were never made the mauser hsc can be fired with the hammer cocked back or with the hammer down in this way it is similiar to many police revolvers of the 20th century i have fired a wwii-era mauser hsc.

I recently purchased a mauser-werke hsc, 380 auto pistol the serial number is 013026 i would like to know approximately what year it was made.

The mauser hsc is a 765mm pistol made in nazi germany during world war ii and post-war the designation hsc stood for hahn selbstspanner (self-cocking hammer. Dates of manufacture mauser pistol c-96 (broomhandle) : covering numbers: 1 - 900500 please enter a serial number and click the submit button. I have a mauser mod hsc dating a german firearm is not as simple as looking up a i recently purchased a mod 1898 mauser that has been sporterized and. The mauser hsc is a 765mm pistol made in nazi germany during world war ii and post-war the designation hsc stood for hahn selbstspanner (self-cocking hammer) pistole, third and final design c production was continued in 1945–46 during the french occupation and, later, from 1968 to 1977 by.

Dating mauser hsc
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